Project final conference and final international sport event (October 2018),
the lesson learned + final sport exhibition with international youth teams.
Local sport activities. November 2017 / July 2018
Organisation of regular and inclusive sport activities, open to all at each local level
with also the contribution of the partners. The activities are based on high quality
standards and managed by professional and experts.
Cross international visits are organised in each project country and at least each
partner will visit all the others one time.
Local sport workshops - June / October 2017
Organisation at each local level of a number of local sport workshops in order
to involve the local youth.
The workshop, organised by the each local Sport Team involve also the families,
the school teachers, the youth educators and the social workers.
During the workshop also members of the partners local Sport Team are involved
in order to share expertise and offer specific skills.
Regional workshop on Right to Sport in Remote Country areas - May 13 2017 Organised in Lombardore with the contribution of all the partners and participants
from several small Municipalities in Piemonte Region.
Partners meeting in Lombardore - May 11/14 2017
Meeting of the partner’s local Sport Teams to share the organised activities, define
the project methodology and coordinate the respective actions in order to have
coordinated actions at each local level.
Local Sport Team. Jannuary / July 2017
Each partner, organise and establish a permanent Local Sport Team composed by:
teachers, social operators, professional sport trainers, municipal coordinators, young.
This organisation have a permanent role as local sport organiser and promoter
adopting a work approach community based and oriented to the coordination of
the local sport resources in order to offer low cost activities opened to all.
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