Youth & Sport in Country & Remote EU is aimed to promote the Sport practices in the most
European remote and country areas as small villages or towns located in the surrounding of big
cities, in Italy, Latvia, Romania and Spain. In this contest normally sport facilities are inadequate
or not present at all, people specially youth and children (aged 6 to 18) do not practice regular
sport activities specially if they belong to the most disadvantaged social groups.

The topic of sport exclusion in rural area and countryside is quite neglected and deserves attention
and specific intervention as about the 60% of the EU population lives in the countryside and far
from densely populated areas. In the considered rural areas as in the most of rural areas of the EU,
the sport activities are neglected, people and youth suffer from spatial disadvantage through
dispersion over wide areas, leading to higher threshold costs for transport and services including
sport. Children in rural areas often have little space for play, specially in areas of arable farming.
They also had constrained limits on the distance they could roam unsupervised from home.
In rural areas there often are widespread complains from youth older than thirteen about “nothing
to do” and lack of involvement in civil live including sport and leisure activities.

A second problem tackled is the inclusive action of sport between cultures and different nationalities.
All the involved partners have the problem to include children and young of different nationalities
(European and non European) and sport activities are one of the main responses.

A third problem tackled is the educative action of sport as it is a key activity to promote self
confidence, discipline, attention capacity and social abilities. In this sense it is a powerful instrument
to offer better education to young with less opportunities and more risky for early school leaving,
specially those of them that have learning difficulties and disabilities.

Finally Sport guarantees active and healthy life, benefits, our project focuses on this problem, and
wants to experiment regular sport activities easy to be organised in a country environment, low cost
and open to all. They will be based also on volunteerism and on the environmental resources offered
by the location and better organisation of the existing and active local actors.

The main involved organisations will be municipalities, social services providers, schools and sport
organisations/facilities active at local level (public and private).

The target groups are: young people aged 6 to 18 who lives in the partners local area; the families
and school teachers, youth educators and social workers, political personnel, sport professional
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